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to be continued.....

these are two drawings of a new series
+ drawing

"Hanging on the telephone"...

the next project...these are scribbles how its gonna look like,
the finished drawing is coloured and shown under the scribble.......

another scribble                                                  a church

just tried somethin´new

That´s the way I remember her in London2002

the first in 2003

Deborah at the G-A-Y in London, see the original photo here

the latest summer pic

the next 2 are WaterColour  

Mandys  first of Chris Stein

one of  Mandys fav.

here Mandy just tried colour.......

when she was in Leipzug / Germany Nov. 3rd, 1999 after  the show

Mandy gave this one to Clement Burke, before the show in Cologne/ Germany Oct. 31st, ´99

next  for "Greasy Man"

also one of Mandy Fav., now she regret to gave it away

(C) Mandy Rohr

a collage of Deborahs face, body,  ear and the instruments of the Boys

Deborah in the ´83 calender

(C) Mandy Rohr

(C) Mandy Rohr

(C) Mandy Rohr

(C) Mandy Rohr


(C) Mandy Rohr