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the latest.....
"the DOLL III "    by Mandy Rohr
at the moment only 4 exist, there´ll maybe be more in late summer.....

a special 2003 souvenier, Josi , Akira and Iannis are owners now......

That´s the way Deborah was dressed like at the soundcheck in Cologne and in Monte Carlo   when Iannis met her

Drawing by Josephin Neumann, Doll by Mandy Rohr

The DOLL BOX front and backsite,
photos (c) Iannis Tzovanis, drawing Mandy Rohr



"the DOLL II "  dressed by    Mandy Rohr
just cuttet the hair and made the dress she wore at the G-A-Y in London for this diva starz doll,
and there she is, the new version of Deborah
               Before                                                     After


"the DOLL I "by Bob Sellstedt
There existing about 60,     I´m not sure about the exact number how much
                                                                     Here dressed like at the show at the G_A_Y in London may 2002