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Everything you can see below  is / was part of my own Collection
Different things, Vinyl, Cds, Audiotapes, Video tapes, Movies ...

DVD covers   

three different covers for one dvd


Jacket made in Germany

Shirts made in Germany  for Michelle Hendricks (visit her website)

Offical shirt (usa) and various disigns (Germany)

                                                                                                                        Pink Jacket (Germany)

Offical Shirts from the Phasm8 Tour

Offical from the Phasm8 Tour                                                               by J. Neumann



we bought these Teddies in London few hours before Debbie hit the stage at the G-A-Y

interview disk  BAK tabac records london                                                                          BAK 2164

1. Yuletown Throw Down(Rapture)-(harry/stein/Freddie)   Blondie and Freddie
2.The chrismas song                            (Gentil/The Brattles)                  The Brattles
3.Santa´s Agent                                    (Snuky Tate)                                 Snuky Tate

A second Flexi: Debbie is doing an interview with the boys with questions
                           of german fans

Blondie/ Deborah Harry

Headlines (pic.Disc)                   1978Linar Toones/ ALM, Ltd.
Interview   (Pic. Disc)                  BAK 2164 Baktabakrec london (see pic above)

Quarter to Dollars   (promo)       ALLIED product.
Blondie                                         chr         1165
Plastic Letters                              chr        1166
Plastic Letters                              chr        1166
Parallel Lines                               chr        1192
Parallel Lines                               chr        1192
Parralel Lines (Pic.disc)             chrPD  1192
Eat to the Beat                             chr        1225
Eat to the Beat                             Club edition
Autoamerican                              chr         1290
Autoamerican                              chr         1290
The Hunter (pic.Disc)                  PCDL   1384
The Hunter                                    LL 0820   Ljubliana
Once more in to the Bleach        C9B2
Best of Blondie                            LL         0760
Wind in the Willows                     SKAO  2956
Jimmy Destri / heart on a wall     german edition  204 425-320
KOOKOO                                 chr 1347
Rockbird                                   chr1540
Def,Dumb&Blonde                  chr 210183
I want that man                           662576
I want that man (PicDisc)          PD chsp 123369
Sweet and Low                          chr 3491
In Love with Love                       7-28476-7
In Love with Love                       609097
French Kissin                            chr 3066
French Kissin                            chr12"608585
Chrome                                     103681
Free to Fall                                chss 108989
Backfired                                   chs 2526
Brite Side                                  chs BP 3491
Brite Side(PicDisc)                  PD chs 123452
RushRush                                  chs 122752
I want you                                   chr 3369

The List of Singles will come soon

and  many  more

Blondie                                                                chr6081
Plastic Letters                                                    chr6085
Plastic Letters( remastered)                             72435-33598-2-9
Parallel Lines                                                      cdr 3211922
Parallel Lines  24Karat gold                              GZS-1062/S21-18012
Parallel Lines (remastered) +bonus                 EMI 7 24353 35992 8
Parallel Lines                                                      CDP 3211922                             
Eat to the Beat                                                   Col 1285
Eat to the Beat (remastered)                             72435-33597-2-0
Autoamerican                                                     chr 6084
Best of blondie                                                   chr 1371
The Hunter                                                          chr 1384
The complete Picture                                        cdp 1817
Blond and Beyond                                             chr 6063
Beautiful                                                              chr 6105
Denis                                                                   DC 867192
The essential Collection                                    CDgold 1091
The essential Collection /PictureThis              CDMpfe 6416
The essential Collection                                    99421-2
Atomic/atomix                                                   chr 4992882
Atomic                                                                chr 4949962
No Exit                                                                Beyond6398578003-2
No Exit (2CD set)                                               Beyond74321648732
NoExit( with HotShot)                                        743216532
Livid                                                                     Beyond 74321712542
Curse of Blondie                                                 EPC 511921-9
Live                                                                      chr 521233
Remixed,Remade,Remolded                           ChrF2 32748
Back to the Hits                                                 S2118969
Blondie is the Name of the Band                      Pilot 71
Blondie Tribut                                                      6FS226
Headlines                                                           Musically Tuned
Blondie                                                           72434-97301-2-1
Blondie 2cd-set                                                72434-97301-2-0disc coroperation
The best of Blondie                                            72434-98056-2-0 PL disc coroperation
The best of Blondie                                            72434-98056-2-0
Blondie                                                                72434-97301-2-1disc coroperation
Maria / Promo                                                    Blond002
Union City Blue / Promo                                   CDCITYDJI
Heart of Glass / Promo                                     CDHOGDJI
X Offenders  Promo (17 tracks remastere )    DPRO 7087 6 15982 2 3
The Platinum Collection ( 2 cd)                        7243 8 31100 2 5
Maria Beyond                                                     74321642132
No Exit    Beyond                                               74321693642
Nothing is real but the girl                                 74321669472
By Invitation Only    1978+1984                       DHCD 001
LiveClassics    DALLAS ´80 ( dead dog records) SE 431                                      
KOOKOO                                                          chr 724349741027
Rockbird                                                            Geften 24123-2
Def, Bumb & Blonde                                         chr 260183
Def, Bumb & Blonde 3D Cover                         chr 260183
Debravation                                                        chr 6033
Debbie Does Luna                                             HR 5999-3
Collection                                                           DL 888402
Most of all/ Best of                                            chr 5229452
Strike me Pink                                                   DCHS 5000
I want that man                                                   662 576
I can see clearly cd1 of a 2cdset  (UK)            cdchss 4900
Six ways to sunday (soundtrack)
JazzPassengers      Live in Spain                     TWI 1054
JassPassengers      Individually Twisted          32Rec 32007
Andy Summers         Peggy´s Blue Skylight   09026 63679 2
Lucious Jackson      Electric Honey                 4-96084-2
Robert Jacks            Der einzige Weg              678457000425
Wind in the willows                                            EDCD 642
(Original catalogue No:LP2956)
Fire at Keaton´s Bar & Grill                               657036 1024 2     
Live in Paris               ´98
Live in Glastonbury   ´99
Domination Tour        
Head or Heart     selection off  songs like  DON`T BE CRUEL
Live USA    2 CDset                                           imm 2cd 42.90042  LC 6711    
Man Overboard. live boston, MA 1978            jumpin´jive  JJ 001
Nuernberg Germany LIVE Nov.2nd, ´99      
All children are drunk  1977 / 1978                  Deep Six - 3
CALL ME collection                                          EMI Gold   7243 5 24256 2 4
HAIRSPRAY soundtrack
French Kissin´USA                                           EMI GOLD 7 24354 18962 3
200 Cigarettes Sountrack...        
X-Offender (Rasorblade) /bloodlesspharaos   EFA 12613   MT 508                                                                              

to be continued....                                                    


Def dumb blonde       original
Blondie best of          original

Paris         ´98
MISCELLANCOU #2  demos/ live / rare
MISCELLANCOU #3  demos/ live / rare
Interview with Deborah Harry on KROQ-FM
Roskilde Interview and 2 songs
Deborah Harry a concert ?not sure when it was ?

and more....

GREATEST HITS                  DVD from the Netherlands
Best of Blondie                  VHS/PAL
The Complete Picture       VHS /PAL
The Complete Picture        VCD
The Muppets                       VCD
LIVE in NewYork                VCD                 T 1831
Blondie Live 1983               DVD from UK
Blondie Live 1983               VHS/ PAL UK import
Blondie Live 1999 Town Hall (DVD NTSC)
Blonde Live Musikladen1978(DVD+VIDEO) green shirt
Blonde Live Musikladen1978 Deborah with white shirt
VH-1 Behind the Music(DVD+Video+ TV)
MusicPlanet / from Arte / BLONDIE
VIVA Musicchannel JAM / BLONDIE
Deborah Harry on DEF DUMB BLONDE TOUR   dutch TV
Deborah Harry on German TV ( "A HEART FOR CHILDREN")
Blondie-benath the bleach (thanks to Al)
Blondie Day VH-1 ( also thanks to Al)
Blondie in hamburg interview ( thanks to Thorsten O.)
Deborah Harry in Brüssel and London (June 6th, 1990, 80 min),
each a hole concert ( thank to Thorsten O.)
Deborah Harry Live in Dortmund/ Germany    2 songs ( thanks to Thorsten O.)
Old Grey Whislte ( thanks to Thorsten O.)
Funtime ( thanks to Thorsten O.)
Countdown ( thanks to Thorsten O.)
Saturday night Life ( thanks to Thorsten O.)
The Blank Generation ( thanks to Thorsten O.)
Blondie in Cologne ´99 Germany, just short cuts ( thanks to Thorsten O.)
Graham Norton      TV Station original
UK 2002 interviews Deborah Harry ( thanks to Thorsten O.)
UK 2002         BLONDIE LIVE     london & wembley arena + Graham Norton Nov.                             2002    DVD
UK 2003         BLONDIE LIVE     london @ ShepherdsBush 26-11-03  hole concert+ topofthetops 2003     DVD
AUSTRALIA   BLONDIE LIVE   melbourne@Palais summer 2003       hole concert+interview         2003    DVD

more Liveacts and Interviews..........................


Unmade Beds                         DVD
NewYork Stories                     DVD German
Dead Beat                               english Version Video
Book of Death                          DVD German version TVSeries Tales from the dark site
Roadie                                      German version(with original songs)Video
The Muppets                            German version(with original songs)Video
The Muppets                            German version(with original songs) VCD
Intimate Stranger                     German  TV Version Video
Intimate Stranger                     originalVersion UK  Video PAL
Intimate Stranger                     DVD from Germany
Für immer  Lulu                       German Video
Six Ways To Sunday              Original Version
Six Ways To Sunday               DVD           "
Heavy                                        Original Version
Heavy (Liebeshunger)             German TV Version
Copland                                    German Video
Copland                                    German DVD
BodyBags                                German Video                 
BodyBags                                German  DVD
Tales from the dark site          german Video 2x
Union City                                German TV Version
Union City                                Original DVD
Hairspray                                 Original Version
Hairspray                                 German TV Version
Hairspray                                 German Video 2x
Hairspray                                 DVD US code
Sabrina the TEEN which        german TV Version
Drop dead Rock                      DVD
Videodrome                             DVD UK code
Videodrome                             original Video
NewYorkStories                      German TV Version
Wiseguy                                   10-15 minutes of Debbie / brite Side
The Fluffer                                 Video
The Fluffer                                english UK DVD
Deuces Wild                            original DVD



? head or heart ?



My LifeSizeStandee of Deborah


Union City Blue

Videos  No Exit with interviews, Live takes  "OUTSIDE"  DEBBIE IN EUROPE

Pictureframe                     SnowBall with Glitter, if you are interested in one (dif. pics) I also trade

Debbie Harry Standee              Blondie-Guitar

Plush CHI-CHI (my cutest item of the Collection)

BackstagePass                                           Heart of Glass

Deborah Lamp (Light)  life size head


Clems Drumskin