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PHASM 8 pix of Tilburg and Heilbronn
DOLLS  , pics of Dolls
PHASM^8 photos of Hamburg, Groningen, Cologne and Brighton
BESIDE THE SHOWSphotos of  the guys around
UPDATED SHOTS photos of events like Booksigings, mercedes SHOWs,......
UK -tour 2002  by Michelle Hendriks, Iannis, Sue Johnston
G*A*Y    May 18th, 2002 photos of G.A.Y.  &   BARBICAN
BARBICAN HALL  May 19th, ´02 concert in London with THE JAZZ PASSENGERS
BEFORE & AFTER the concerts in London
BLONDIE LIVE in UK, Party in the Park, Rodkilde, Glastobury Festival, Walverhampton,
BLONDIE LIVE in Munich, ´97 nokia night of the proms
BLONDIE LIVE in Germany Leipzig/ Cologne / ? TV shows...
Special Merchandies and my Stuff (Guitar,CDs, Vinyl, Video/DVD.....

Pics you can find here and under those links are just  part of my collection.
Or have been send in by  people all over the world.
your Photographes of Deborah Harry could also appear here, just    MAIL ME